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Electras on ebay!! The ebay picture will search for "Buick Electra" on ebay! :-) Below are collections of pictures I have copied off of ebay.

Sighted in 2003 - Hardtops!
Sighted in 2003 - Convertibles!
Sighted in 2004 - Hardtops!
Sighted in 2004 - Convertibles!

A site for the Buick Electra 225 enthusiast

I am in the process of selling my Electra. I will also be selling this site. If you are interested in either, please contact me. Below are information and pictures of my Electra that is for sale.

1970 Buick Electra 225 Convert: 455 Engine 80k original miles, Auto, PS, PB, Power Windows, Power Front Seat, Power Trunk, Power Top, Cruise
Option: Side Lights (nonoperational right now) These turn on when you activate your blinker so you get an extra view where you are turning.
Option: AC (nonoperational, never saw the need to get it working again on a convertable)
Notes: Carpet and top have been replaced. Original top boot, interier in excellent original condition, AM/FM radio works (had it rebuilt), front emblem is reproduction as *no* original emblems exist (they fell apart easily on the cars after a couple years, bad plastic). Dealer option pass side rear view mirror is correct for year (very rare option). Rims have been replaced with a later year Buick rally wheel (originals would have been steel rims with hubcaps).
Extras: I am including my literature and spare parts collection with this sale. I have alot of extras. Parts manual, front bumber, rear seats, etc etc. way too much to list.
Some of the things I have replaced over the years: Carpet, Dash wood grain, front emblem, corrected pass side mirror, patched floor pans, rebuilt radio, door handles, radiator, water pump, normal tune-up items (wires, plugs, fuel filter, etc), rear driver side wheel bearing, brake shoes.
Why am I selling this car? Well I now have two young children who take all my time and love so this car has just been sitting in the garage. We really need the space so it's time to sell the car, my parts collection, and my literature collection. I usually drive the car at least once a month to keep the battery charged and fluids moving but even thats tough anymore. I figure I can get back into the hobby in another 10 years or so after the kids are older.
If you don't see a picture you would like to see let me know. I'm sure there will be questions. I am going to be 100% honest about this car. It's a nice car and I have learned alot about this specific model over the years. I know what parts are available, what parts are not, what is correct, what is not, where the problem areas are, etc. I want the next owner to enjoy this car as much as I have.



The images below are from when I purchased the car several years ago from the second owner. Some of the photos of the interier got washed out with sunlight and the cheap old camera I used so they look discolored.


Like to see your car on the cover? Send me pics and info!

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